Compilation of selected videoinstallations and scenography works

Credits: Shigeto (soundtrack)


Video Stage Design
for audio-visual performance "AKIŞ" by Güneş Oba

Video Stage Design
for the multimedia project CREDO

A multimedia project which provides different angles on the ever important topic of believe in our society. We have been commissioned by arts collective Die Redner to create and realize a concept for a video stage design as a part of their show.

Visual Concept - LDMA_Hojin Kang & Fabian Mansmann
Graphic Design - Hojin Kang
Animation - Fabian Mansmann
Music/Stage Performance: Die Redner


Mograph / VFX-REEL

Mix of comissioned projects and personal work

Shift-Save Movement

Mixed Media Installation
Theaterschiff Saarbrücken

Hojin Kang (co-art direction),
Smus Pimpen (sounddesign)

Promotion Concept
for the release of ROC LINE's new fashion collection

Galerie 21 in Cologne
with fashion label ROC LINE (

Hojin Kang (co-art direction), Liar (soundtrack)

Generative Gestaltung im Raum

Reactive Video Projection, Experimental Setup

Shigeto (soundtrack)

Staging Setup and Live Performance

with DJ Collective ARNDT29

Hojin Kang (co-art direction), XXYYXX (soundtrack)


Dub-Dance, Immersive Music Video

Panoramic Projection  in Collaboration with HBKsaar

uppercut.continue (soundtrack), Raw T (breakdance)

Vox Corporis, Audiovisual Theatre Stage

In Collaboration with Donlon Dance Company,
Saarland State Theatre

Sven Strauß (co-director),
Pascal Séraline (performance)



Project Management and Teaching Assistent

Stage setup at Saarland State Theatre

Prof. Detzler, Dr. Michael Schmitz (administration),
Academy of Fina Arts Saarbruecken,
Music Academy Saar, Universität des Saarlandes,
Saarland State Theatre

Playful Meditation 

Experimental Setup

Credits: Shyness (soundtrack)